SLP (Voice Rehabilitation)

Voice Therapy With Melanie Tapson, speech language pathologist (SLP)

As a voice user (singer and lecturer) who is also both a Singing Voice Specialist (voice teacher) and a speech-language pathologist (voice therapist), I’m a super voice geek!  I absolutely love all things voice, and I understand how important your voice is to you, no matter how you use it.  If your voice is important to you, making it the best it can be is important to me.  I take a holistic approach to voice care; I recognize that you can’t treat the two square inches in your throat.  That’s why the questions I’ll ask you in our first appointment will uncover all the factors contributing to what’s bothering you with your voice: whether it’s how the rest of your body is working with (or against) your voice, what’s keeping your voice from restoring itself (sleep hygiene, hydration, voice requirements throughout the day), how you use your voice, and what your goals are, we’ll really dig in to what’s keeping your voice from finding an effortless balance, and we’ll make it right.  Together.

My ultimate goal in voice therapy is to make you independent.  Sure; I’d love to see you every week – I’m sure we’ll really enjoy working together and I’ll be sad when you don’t have to come back regularly!  And it’s a terrible business model, I know.  But the best thing I can do for you is to help you understand your voice and how it works in a way that allows you to stay safe and troubleshoot when you run into problems down the road, whether the issues are the same as what we’re working on or a new beast to tame.  I’ll be here for as long as you need me, whenever you need help.  But I want you to have knowledge, skills, and resources to help you keep your voice in the best possible shape on your own terms so you can get back to doing what you love with your voice.  And know you can always come to me for support whenever you need it.