Presentations & Workshops

Selected Recent Presentations, Workshops, and Lectures


October 20 & 21 – St Mike’s Voice Course & PAVA Symposium

We are excited to have Dr. Dr. Jackie Gartner-Schmidt aalongside an all-star Toronto voice faculty to update skills in the areas of voice and swallowing disorders. I’ll be presenting a case study about a professional voice user, and I’m thrilled to be in such esteemed company!

For more information on program content and registration, please use the following link:
St Michael’s Toronto Voice Course

The Pan American Vocology Association (PAVA) is holding their symposium concurrently with TVC. If you wish to attend their program on Friday, they have an excellent line up as well. For more information, please use the following link: PAVA Toronto I’m co-chair and facilitator for one of the panel discussions, so feel free to ask anything! I’m really excited about these powerhouse voice events both happening here in Toronto and I really hope to see you there!






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July 15, 2017 – Vocology in Practice, webinar to international audience

Melanie gave two interactive workshops with live Q&As titled
Art, Meet Science: the relationship between SLP and voice teacher and
Vocal Health for Singers: Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Damage
to voice teachers around the world in Vocology in Practice.






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June 25, 2017 – The Starving Artist Vocal Workshop

Melanie and her colleague and friend, fabulously talented voice teacher Ryan Luchuck put on a 3-hour PWYC workshop designed to make the knowledge they’ve worked hard to acquire easy to access for artists who can’t otherwise afford to have a full voice care team on call 24/7.  100% of the proceeds went to Regent Park School of Music because all artists deserve a chance to be heard.











MT ViP Trans VoiceMarch 4, 2017 – Vocology in Practice, webinar to international audience

Melanie gave an interactive webinar with a live Q&A titled Transgender Singing Voice: Considerations for the Voice Teacher to voice teachers around the world in Vocology in Practice.









February 8-9, 2017 – PAMA Toronto Regional Meeting, Toronto ON

Melanie presented on breath support for artists at the Performing Arts Medicine Association regional meeting in Toronto, which was an exciting opportunity to bring together artists of all disciplines to talk about maintaining an efficient voicing (and breathing, dancing, playing) instrument!





November 13, 2016 – Ultimate Day Of Voice, Toronto ON

Melanie is delighted to be sharing the stage on November 13 with voice heavyweights Dr Ingo Titze, Dave Stroud, Dr Taryn Davids, and the inimitable Ryan Luchuck in Toronto at the Winchester Theatre!  You should come join us!  Tickets:

I even just got a shout out on the Vox Cura website!











October 2016 (2015 and 2014) - University of Toronto MHSc SLP Program, Toronto ON

Melanie teaches the lectures and lab demonstrations foron== the structure and function of the larynx as part of the first year masters’ SLP program anatomy & embryology course by Dr Catriona Steele and PhD candidate Carly Barbon.



July 6, 2016 – Weill Cornell, New York City NY

Melanie gave a presentation titled “Posture, physical condition and demands of vocalists – singers and actors” with Dr Lucinda Halstead, ENT, for her colleagues at the Performing Arts Medicine Association conference in New York City.




osla logoJune 3, 2016 – BMO Learning Centre, Toronto ON

Melanie coordinated a full day conference for her fellow SLPs  who practice in voice therapy called the OSLA Voice Conference on June 3 at the BMO Institute For Learning.

She also gave the following presentations:

  • Transgender Voice: Considerations for the SLP
  • Circumlaryngeal Manipulation:  Assessment, Reposturing, Massage with Gwen Merrick and Marta DeLuca, SLPs at St Mike’s Hospital Voice Clinic in Toronto
  • Expert Panel with fellow SLPs Gwen Merrick and Marta DeLuca (St Mike’s Voice Clinic), Natalia Evans (The Voice Box Office), and Jennifer Allegro (Sick Kids)


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May 29, 2016 – Al Green Theatre, Toronto ON

Melanie joined her esteemed voice colleagues on a ”The Voice” style panel at the The Acappella Workshop With Cadence, put together by the inimitable Ryan Luchuck ofRyan Luchuck Voice and Artist Management.




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November 2015 – Winchester Street Theatre, Toronto ON

Melanie sat on an expert SLP and ENT panel at the Toronto Voice Conference 2015 hosted by Ryan Luchuck (of Ryan Luchuck Voice and Artist Development) and Brandon Brophy (of Singer’s Edge), and featuring the esteemed Dr Ingo Titze at the Winchester Street Theatre in Toronto.






May 2014, 2015 & 2016 – Distillery District Dancemakers Studio, Toronto ON

Melanie has been a workshop presenter for the past three years at the  SING! Toronto Vocal Arts Festival.  She has offered one-on-one voice assessments, and has presented on Singers’ Voice Care, and was joined in 2015 by Dr Brian Hands, ENT and voice care specialist at Vox Cura.




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December 2014 – 1 to 1 Rehab, Toronto ON

Melanie gave a presentation titled Voice Care 101 to fellow SLPs at 1 to 1 Rehab in Toronto, helping clinicians better understand voice assessment and treatment.




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November 2014 – ASHA Convention, Orlando FL

Melanie was first author and presenter for a poster (with co-author Dr Catriona Steele of the Steele Swallowing Lab at Toronto Rehab) titled Does Head Angle Impact Measures of Hyoid Excursion in Swallowing? at the annual ASHA convention in Orlando, FL – and her poster won a Meritorious Poster Award!