So Many Options!

If you came here with a question that includes the word “voice” in it somewhere, I can help you!  You have lots of choices:

Voice Therapy

Your voice is “broken”.  It’s not what it used to be.  It isn’t what you want it to be.  Maybe you’ve seen an ENT and they told you you had (gasp!) nodules (they’re waaaay less scary than you were led to believe, I promise you).  Or maybe the ENT told you they don’t see anything wrong, but you *know* something still isn’t right.  Maybe your voice teacher said they’re not sure how to proceed to keep you safe, or someone recommended voice rest (the odds are very low that you need to be on *that* much voice rest, I am pretty confident).  Your voice tires easily, you can’t be heard in a crowd, you’re avoiding speaking situations/people/auditions, or you have some other nagging issue with your voice.  I can help.  Find out more about voice therapy here.

Voice Training

There isn’t anything technically *wrong* with your voice; you can’t imagine going to an ENT for the voice question you have, but you’re not happy.  Maybe your voice just doesn’t represent the “real you”.  You want to apply for a position at work that requires more presentations and networking and you want to sharpen your A game.  You have stress, and it’s voice related, but you can’t put your finger on it.  Or maybe you love your voice, you just want to love it even more!  Perhaps you have a big audition coming up, and you want to figure out why you can’t “place” the song properly.  Your agent wants you to go out for a loop group, and you know that much screaming is going to do you in.  Or you want to come geek out on breath support, or Estill, or you want a companion to your Second City training class.  You’re in a touring production of a major musical and you just want to make sure you stay in top shape.  Whatever your voice question, I’m here to support you.  Learn more about voice training here.


You’re a doctor who has a report from an ENT that says “voice/speech therapy recommended” and you want to know where to send your patient (secret tip: it doesn’t have to be me! But I’ll give you great patient-centred options).  You’re a singing teacher who isn’t sure what to do with a singer who’s been told to go on voice rest, but you aren’t sure that’s either necessary or possible.  You’re a call centre manager and you want to know how to keep your staff from blowing out their voices and being off for days at a time.  You’re a fellow SLP who doesn’t see voice regularly and you aren’t sure about next steps.  You’re a principal who needs more information on portable voice amplification systems to support a teacher on staff.  Whatever your voice-related question, I will bring my experience, knowledge, and training to your aid!  Consults could include having me come and sit in on a voice lesson, reading a report and making recommendations or helping explain results and next steps, or a short FaceTime call to get clarification on something you’re working on.  Whatever you need, I’ll find a way to make it work for you.  Learn more about booking a consultation here.


I regularly give workshops on all kinds of voice-related topics, including (but absolutely not limited to):

  • stage fright
  • breath support
  • voice hygiene
  • singing voice care
  • when to recommend voice rest
  • transgender voice and communication training
  • vocal warm ups
  • classroom teacher training
  • voice teacher training
  • professional communication and public speaking
  • voice therapy for SLPs who don’t regularly do voice therapy
  • advanced voice therapy for SLPs who *do* work in voice therapy
  • expert panels
  • workplace voice management (e.g., Toronto International Film Festival staff voice support)
  • call centre voice training
  • medical professional communication

I also lecture at the university level in both undergraduate and graduate courses, in public and private high schools, for teachers and students, in drama and music, for singers and voice professionals, in SLP and singing programs, and more!

To find out about creating a lecture or workshop specific to your voice needs, click here.