Consultation, Mentorship, and Training


I am happy to lend my experience, knowledge, and training as needed.  Whether you are a voice teacher, a doctor, a singing teacher, an ENT, a director, a principal, a manager, a fellow SLP, or any other professional who needs the most up-to-date, evidence-based information on how to address, manage, or handle a voice situation, email me at to find out about rates and services.


If you’re an SLP or voice teacher who is interested in taking on clients who are transgender, singers, or want to get more in-depth training in voice therapy in general, I have several options.

  • Workshops:  from time to time, I offer workshops designed for people interested in entering this part of our profession; if you don’t see one listed here, feel free to contact me and find out when one is coming to a location near you.  Better yet, request one!  If you want to learn more as an individual, see “One-on-One Workshops” below; if you have some friends or colleagues who want a custom workshop designed, I’m happy to oblige!  Or if you just want to suggest something you’d like to see for continuing ed, I take that into consideration when I’m planning upcoming workshops as well.  I also offer training and custom workshops for workplaces as well; just let me know what you need and I’ll build it!
  • One-on-One “Workshops”:  if I’m not offering a workshop but you really need to connect and figure out next steps, you can book a One-on-One Workshop with me.  Contact me at to find out more about availability and rates.
  • Mentorship:  see below

Mentorship, Shadowing, and Volunteer Opportunities

Voice therapy provides a lot of challenges to supporting observers or mentees.  Many voice clients are reluctant to have someone watching as they work through the emotional labor of freeing their voice.  Transgender clients are frequently subjected to “looky-loos” as part of their medical journey, and that can be both fatiguing and dehumanizing.  Professional singers are often terrified the rest of the world will find out they’re working out the kinks and worry about being blacklisted.

As such, I very rarely have the opportunity to invite clinicians and students to shadow or observe my work.  It can be hard to schedule such an opportunity without knowing whether clients will be open to having a guest sit in on the session, which winds up wasting the better part of your day if it doesn’t pan out.  So instead, if you really want to know more about what it’s like to be a voice clinician, I recommend you follow this page to learn more about upcoming workshops, or consider booking some one-on-one training/mentorship/consultation time with me, as mentioned above.  And by all means, if you’re not sure what the best avenue is for you, feel free to contact me at and I’ll do my best to offer what support I can!

Looking for a volunteer opportunity as you embark on your career path as an SLP interested in voice?  I don’t currently have space for a volunteer or mentee, but watch here for upcoming workshops and applications for opportunities coming soon!