Lecturing and Workshops

Lecturing and Workshops

I regularly offer workshops for small and large groups interested in learning more about voice care, training, or rehabilitation specific to your needs.  I am a trained educator with my BEd from OISE/UT and have taught in the TDSB and Peel school boards, and I also lecture at the University of Toronto in the SLP masters program.  I also take graduate student clinicians who are on clinical placement.  If you are interested in lecturing or workshops, email me at info@melanietapson.com to find out rates and availability for engagements.  Reach out as soon as you’re thinking you’d like to book something, as my schedule fills up quickly!

What Kind of Workshop Are You Looking For?

I love giving workshops on all kinds of voice-related topics, including (but absolutely not limited to):

  • stage fright
  • breath support
  • voice hygiene
  • singing voice care
  • when to recommend voice rest
  • transgender voice and communication training
  • vocal warm ups
  • classroom teacher training
  • voice teacher training
  • professional communication and public speaking
  • voice therapy for SLPs who don’t regularly do voice therapy
  • advanced voice therapy for SLPs who *do* work in voice therapy
  • expert panels
  • workplace voice management (e.g., Toronto International Film Festival staff voice support)
  • call centre voice training
  • medical professional communication

Here is a selection of some of the workshops I’ve given in the past:

  • Transgender Singing Voice:  Considerations for the Voice Teacher”  (Vocology in Practice, webinar to international audience, March 2017)
  • The Diaphragm Demystified: Breath Support for Artists.”  (Performing Arts Medicine Association regional conference, University of Toronto, Toronto ON, February 2017)
  • The Singer’s Voice Care Team.”  (The Ultimate Day of Voice, Ryan Luchuck Voice and Artist Development, Toronto ON, November 2017)
  • Essentials of Performing Arts Medicine:  Posture, physical condition, and demands of vocalists – singers and actors.”  with Dr Lucinda Halstead, ENT (Performing Arts Medicine Association annual conference, New York City NY, July 2016)
  • Transgender Voice Therapy – Considerations for the SLP”  (OSLA Voice Conference, Toronto ON, June 2016)
  • Singers’ Voice Care: Collegiate Acappella Singers.”  (SING! Toronto Vocal Arts Festival, Toronto ON, May 2016)3
  • Singers’ Voice Care.” with Dr Brian Hands, ENT (SING! Toronto Vocal Arts Festival, Toronto ON May 2015)
  • Voice Therapy 101.” (1 to 1 Rehab, Toronto ON, December 2014)
  • Holistic voice care for singers: from prehab to rehab.” (SING! Festival, Toronto ON, May 2014)
  • Normal Swallowing Physiology: establishing the reference perspective for swallowing assessment.” with Dr. Catriona Steele, SLP & Shauna Stokely, SLP 
(CASLPA national conference, Ottawa ON, May 2014)
  • Finding Your Best Voice and Making An Impact.” (Canadian Water Network “Pass the Mic” Workshop, Vancouver BC, Jan 2014)
  • The Normalized Residue Rating Scale: a quantitative approach to helping clinicians make accurate measurements.” (Toronto Rehab Research Day, Toronto ON, November 2013)
  • Effective communication: how to become an engaging presenter.” (Canadian Water Network Graduate Students and Young Professionals, Halifax NS, April 2013)
  • Breathing, speaking and singing: learning to relax and free your voice.” (8th anniversary meeting, Halifax Support Group for People Who Stutter, Halifax NS, 2012)

University Teaching

I also lecture at the university level in both undergraduate and graduate courses, in public and private high schools, for teachers and students, in drama and music, for singers and voice professionals, in SLP and singing programs, and more!  Here is a selection of some of the lectures I’ve taught:

  • University of Toronto, Department of Speech Language Pathology (MHSc SLP)
    SLP1502Y Anatomy and Embryology (course instructor Dr Catriona Steele) – The Larynx Structure and Function
    SLP1527S Clinical Analysis of Communication & Swallowing Disorders (course instructor Dr. Luigi Girolametto, Dr Elizabeth Rochon) – Dysphagia Case Study
  • University of Toronto – Scarborough, Department of Linguistics
    SLP PLIC54H3 Speech Pathology and Speech Disorders in Children and Adults (instructor Aravind Namasivayam) – sEMG and IOPI labs
  • Dalhousie University, School of Human Communication Disorders (MSc SLP)
    HUCD 5050 Speech Science (course instructor Michael Kiefte) – including cadaver labs
  • Concordia University, Department of Theatre / Department of Music
    INMS 498Z: Special Topics, Into the Woods – Vocal Coach and Assistant Music Director