Voice Therapy

Options for Voice Therapy

I offer voice therapy and rehabilitation in the following areas; click on each one to take you further down the page where you can learn more about the kind of voice care that interests you:

Singing Voice Rehabilitation

As a professional singer myself (including gigs like Disney Cruise Line, touring with Juno-award-winning bands, theme parks, large production musicals, voiceover work, and much more!), I understand first hand the expectations and lifestyle of the “vocal athlete”.  I empathize with the emotional toll any voice issue – big or small – can have on a singer, whether you sing professionally or avocationally, or even just in the shower.  Whether your family doc dismisses your concerns or your voice teacher wants you to get something checked out that you’re not sure you understand, if it’s important to you, I’ll help you figure it out.  Whatever your goals, I can help you optimize your singing voice, keep it in tip top shape, develop a specific, efficient, effective warm up, work out some of the little niggling problems you’ve been having lately, learn to take your singing training into a new gig, style, or show, or help take care of the big scary things for you.  I can help you find more ease, range, strength, comfort, and joy in singing, and I’ll help demystify that marvelous instrument you own (but may never have laid eyes on!). Nodules? Never fear!  If you have them, or if you’re just afraid of getting them, I can help.  Whether it’s considering the space or setup you’re singing in, technology and sound gear, costumes or footwear, repertoire or instrumentation, rehearsal or performance, touring or long running production, technique or song style requirements, working with your teacher or on your own, I can do it.  I will help you love singing even more than you do now – more than you ever thought possible.

Whatever you need, I’ll help you get it.  Just ask, one singer to another.

Professional Voice Users

As a professional educator and regular workshop presenter, I can completely empathize with the demands you’re facing as a voice user.  I was trained at OISE/UT as a teacher, Ontario College of Teachers certified, and I taught in the Toronto District, Peel, and Toronto Catholic District School Boards as an intermediate/senior music/drama/musical theatre/tech theatre/guitar/band/any-fine-art-they-could-invent teacher, and I currently lecture at the University of Toronto.  I know all too well and first-hand the demands the professional voice user faces, and I know how hard it is to ensure your voice is in top form the way you need it to be to command attention and keep your audience engaged from the first word to the last.

I offer both preventative voice care, voice therapy, accent modification and General American/Canadian dialect coaching for a wide range of professional voice users whose livelihood depends on their voice being in optimal condition, including:

  • singers
  • actors
  • comedians
  • broadcasters
  • teachers and professors
  • medical professionals
  • lawyers
  • business associates
  • marketing professionals
  • call centre personnel
  • presenters
  • pastors
  • coaches
  • …and many more!

In the meantime, contact me to make an appointment so we can make sure your voice is in the best shape possible!

Voice Therapy For Everyone – Kids, Too!

You don’t need to be a professional to benefit from voice therapy.  I like to think that voice is important for everyone, no matter what they do for work.  Even if you work at a job in complete isolation where you never talk to anyone, your voice is still important to you!  Maybe you want to be able to share your thoughts, hopes, and dreams with your loved ones; or you enjoy cheering on the Leafs (go Mitch Marnerrrrrrrr!); or you enjoy phone calls with family and friends far away.  If your voice is important to you, it’s important to me.  I’ll help you get back your best voice, no matter what your goals.

Voice Therapy for Kids

Oh boy, being a kiddo is fun!  There’s so much excitement, and so much vocalization that goes along with it!  Cheering for friends in baseball, shouting across the pitch in football, yelling enthusiastically in dodgeball… squealing with delight on the playground, singing in choir or Scouts, or just vehemently making a point.  There’s a lot to talk about!  It’s no wonder that with all this squealing with delight (or the alternate-universe version, screaming in panic “S/HE TOUCHED ME!!!”), kids sometimes end up with voice problems.  Hoarseness, nodules, laryngitis… it’s hard to figure out what to do about it, and you sure as heck aren’t going to get them to quiet down any time soon.  Trust a voice therapist with pediatric experience and a kiddo of her own with a healthy set of pipes.  I’ll help you and your child take care of their voice now so they don’t have long-standing problems in the future.