Love Your Voice.

Voice therapy to help you become the best version of yourself
by optimizing your voice.
So you can go back to doing what you love.


Hi, I'm Melanie, and my superpower is voice therapy. How can I help you?

Come join us!

Join us for a special week-long World Voice Day virtual event designed to celebrate, educate, and connect us all to the power of voice.


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This week-long virtual event brings together clinical voice therapists, voice coaches, singing teachers, voice users and voice enthusiasts of all kinds to share our knowledge and passion with one another and deepen our craft.

With both LIVE and PRE-RECORDED sessions, there's always something to engage with! And if you register in advance, you'll have access to all the recorded content for 90 days following the event so you can catch up and binge watch everything all over again on demand! 


How Does Voice Therapy Work?

Every service starts with a voice assessment, where we dig deep to uncover everything that’s holding your voice back.

Together, we develop a custom plan to optimize your voice.

You learn tools and techniques you need to crush your goals, either by developing independence or with ongoing support.

Love your voice!

What Can I Help You With?

This is a safe space.

Pride doesn't end just because June does. Proudly becoming the best version of yourself starts with accepting and loving yourself for who you really are. This is a safe space to get to know yourself; to explore, to play, to grow, to feel good in your skin.

So go ahead: use your voice. Challenge yourself. Challenge social constructs. Challenge the notion that self care is selfish. Do something to celebrate you. Because here, you are celebrated: no matter who you are or how you express yourself, and because of the way you love.