The Credits

Here are some of the amazingly talented people who help make things happen at MTVC!

Melanie Tapson performing Scooby DooMelanie Tapson singing

Rachel DiMartino at Geek Unicorn

Rachel took my web presence to the next level with her gorgeous website design and logo! She encouraged me to dig deep into what I really wanted to create for my whole business, and then she listened when I told her. The end result is gorgeous!

Andrea Krones at Inkling Design

Andrea gave all my materials a fresh new update so all my content feels so very ME! From social media templates to a colourful logo update, she helped me keep what was working and tweak what needed revitalization - and I feel utterly refreshed!

Tom Burke at Tom Burke Voice Studio

Tom is not just my voice teacher, he's a mentor and coach - in short, he's often the catalyst for the creative fireworks that go off around here! He's a constant source of inspiration and cheerleading, and a driving force behind a lot of my big ideas!

Lianne Kim and Mamas & Co

Lianne is the driving force behind Mamas & Co and she gave me the confidence and skills to fly solo with a run of show in hand. Mamas & Co is the community of female-identifying parent-owned business owners who lift each other up and help keep our businesses in balance and feeling joyful!

Cheska Arabani

Cheska operates quietly but efficiently behind the scenes - she's the stage manager for the show, never asking for credit, but always coming through with the execution the Big Ideas require! She's an absolutely integral (if undercover!) part of the team.

Melanie Tapson performing Sister Act