Hype Night with Mel and Dale!

On May 17, I was the guest on the fabulous live Facebook tv show “Hype Night with Mel and Dale“, where we talked about voice, Disney, Canada’s Wonderland, Legally Blonde, tequila, Vibrant Voice, Karma Chameleon, my laugh, and a heap of other interesting things.  It was a blast!

If you haven’t checked out Hype Night yet, you really ought to.  Here’s the “about”:

Join Melissa D’Agostino and Dale Boyer as they groove to some open source music, and hype amazing women on Facebook Live! It’s a celebration of rad women who make the world. Check out the show live on Facebook, and get in on the hype!  All compliments. All the time. All accomplishments accepted.

While you watch live, you can throw in your own hype for the guest of the evening, and you can watch as other viewers pop in and out, throwing down their own hype for the special guest.  Sponsors gift the talent the guest’s drink of choice, and the banter is wild and witty.  Can’t watch live?  Watch after the fact with a drink of your own!  Dale and Melissa are two brilliant actors and comedians; they are fabulous women themselves, and I am so flattered to have been invited to be a guest.  You really should have a listen.  I’m honoured to be in the midst of such awesome women and artists.  I’m pretty lucky.