Silver Linings

By now, you've likely seen my COVID-19 plans, and you know  that effective immediately, all voice sessions will be conducted via video with Zoom, a free-but-awesome web-based program that we can use to do amazing work together.  But I'd be willing to bet that if you're feeling like I am, you're stressed, overwhelmed, and still have a ton of questions.

For my part, I'd like to help you find a sliver of light in this difficult time.  If you've ever found yourself saying "I just wish I had the time to work on my voice!" or "I just KNOW my voice could be amazing - if I only knew what to do!", I'm here for you!

Moving to video sessions means two important things:

  1. We can keep working together!  No matter where you are in the world, no matter how isolated you feel, if you're feeling up for the work, and if you have a computer, a video camera, and a microphone (even ones that are built in), we can still do amazing things together!
  2. Video voice training is AWESOME! There are so many benefits to video sessions! You can wear your pyjamas, there's no travel time, you don't have to pay for transit... but also, they're an amazing way to tap into self-directed learning, where you get to dive deep and figure out what's actually making the work WORK. You have to learn to listen to your body much more closely as I guide you through the same process, but without learning to rely on me to make the change happen for you.  Honestly, it can be truly magical.

If you still have questions, or you'd like to hop on a quick call to find out why this might be the best thing you've ever done for yourself, you can always email me or fill out the contact form. I'd love to hear what I can do for you so you come out the other side of this isolating time absolutely shining.  When the world starts spinning again, you'll be on the absolute top of your game and ready to crush you've been dreaming of doing!

Work with Melanie

* or at least what it looks like when the world is normal!

I'm so looking forward to working with you!

You're probably wondering what happens during voice therapy, and what to do next.  Here is some information that will help walk you through the process:



Currently, I'm accepting new clients for online virtual therapy, or telepractice.  Outside of the current pandemic restrictions, I am currently accepting new clients at On the Off Beat music school in Toronto's Leslieville neighbourhood at 1113 Queen St East (near Pape).

This location is transit-accessible via the Queen streetcar, and is also very easy access if you're coming from across the city or out of town via the DVP or the Gardiner Expressway.


Every service begins with a thorough 1-hour assessment ($190), which helps me learn what is contributing to your challenges with your voice, and determine the most effective and efficient path forward.  An assessment includes a full history of your voice and your concern, an assessment of your breathing and posture, a manual assessment of the muscles you use when you're speaking or singing, and detailed recordings of your voice as well.

Together, after the initial assessment, we will discuss a plan to help you achieve your goals, and we'll work collaboratively to determine what works best for you in terms of therapy scheduling.  Therapy frequency and duration is decided collaboratively based on your individual needs and goals, but typically, therapy sessions are 45 mins ($175); on occasion, 30 min sessions ($105) may be recommended.

Ideally, voice therapy is conducted in person, face-to-face, which allows me to see, hear, and feel everything that is contributing to your voice concern.  However, if travel is prohibitive, video therapy sessions may be an option.  Feel free to ask whether this may be right for you.

Policies & Procedures

I've made answers available to most of the common questions people have for me at  For more details about working together, I encourage you to download a copy of the Policies and Procedures at  If you still have questions, don't hesitate to ask! 

Insurance Coverage

You will receive a detailed receipt following payment at the end of every session. You can submit this to your supplemental insurance company for reimbursement if you have coverage for speech pathology or speech therapy services. I have all the requisite provincial, national, and even American credentials your insurance company could possibly need to approve your request for reimbursement.  And you don't need a doctor's referral to come see me, unless your insurance company requires one for reimbursement; just make sure you look into that before you come

How To Book Your Appointment

Book an Appointment
I appreciate that you are likely very eager to get working on your voice.  To book an assessment, click the "book an appointment" button above!  
If you don't find a spot that works for you, please feel free to add yourself to the waitlist for whatever appointment time you like.  I add people in to cancellation spots as quickly as I can, and you never have any obligation to take a cancellation spot if one comes available.  
And if you'd rather speak to a human being, or have someone else help you book an appointment personally, I'm always happy to help.  Just let me know what time you'd prefer and I'll be happy to take care of booking your appointment personally.