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Don't Stop Believing!

You're probably wondering what working with me looks like.  Guess what?!  You get to choose your own adventure!  But I should warn you... none of your choices are likely to feel conventional. Because that's just not how I roll.
Traditional voice therapy typically consists of an assessment and a number of therapy sessions determined by your therapist.  And it can be great, truly!  We have a ton of evidence that says voice therapy works wonders in a lot of contexts.  The challenge is that many people still find they don't achieve their goals even when they have a solid plan in place and a great therapist because they struggle with two things: follow through, and carry over.  
When follow through breaks down, it's typically because let's face it, a LOT of people (yours truly included) struggle to create new habits successfully between sessions on their own.  They know all the right things to do, but have difficulty implementing strategies and carving time to practice out of their already busy lives.  
Carry over is that elusive thing we're all aiming for - how to take what you learn in therapy and apply it in every day scenarios without feeling like you're always "on".  And it's the absolute hardest thing to realize in this type of work.  So many people come to voice therapy with the best of intentions and truly deep motivations, and yet they struggle to see the change they're really after.  I was one of them.  And frankly, I can tell you from first hand experience, that can feel terribly disheartening.  

Well, this is different.

What's missing from traditional voice therapy, you ask? Accountability, regular feedback, and often, consistency.  That's why when you work with me, these things are baked right in.

You get out what you put in.  Voice work isn't like a tablet you take, or a video you passively watch while you're baking pumpkin scones, or something you absorb through osmosis.  It takes readiness to make change and a willingness to do the work to get there.  Oh, it's not hard work, not at all; but it does take some amount of focus, effort, and commitment to see progress. If you're ready to be all you can be, to live out the dreams you have that you're holding until you get that perfect voice, then working with me is absolutely the right path for you!

Uh oh... what if I'm not ready?

Listen, only you know how badly you want this.  But you can stop worrying: I've got options for you no matter what stage of readiness you're at.  Just dabbling?  I'm working towards a fully DIY version just for you.  Ready to dive in so deep and really make the change you've been dreaming about? Choose the direct therapy option that fits with your learning style. It's all up to you! I'll support you no matter what you choose. "Ready" is whatever you make it, and wherever you are in your journey, I've got something that will fit you like a glove.

Bring it ON! I'm beyond ready!

Awesome!  You're ready to realize your true potential!  Here's how voice therapy with me works:

This is where we gather all the data and determine together what path is going to get you to your goals.  Regardless of whether you choose group or individual voice therapy, this step is super important, because the next step is setting individualized goals.  And we can't get specific if we don't have data! 

Next, I whip all your wishes into attainable weekly bites, manageable monthly goals, and quarterly big picture results to work towards. We'll achieve those through the following:

Daily Home "Play"
It's not home WORK, it's fun! Home "play" is a series of individualized, efficient exercises and activities that will build you solid, sustainable habits and get you to those goals by the end of 3 months, all developed specifically for you and based on what you need most that week.  I also help you figure out exactly how and when to carve out the time to get the job done. There's no beating yourself up for not having enough willpower or motivation; you just need the right tools and supports to be successful - and that's where I come in!
Accountability & Feedback
This is the real game changer. Like I said; you get out of voice work what you put into it, and most people struggle with the "doing the thing" part of making change happen.  And it's totally understandable - change is hard!  But we also know that with accountability, you'll make more progress much more quickly than going it alone.  That's why it's an integral part of all the work you'll do with me.  Whether you choose individual or group therapy, you'll have daily opportunities to let me know whether you're on track or if you need more guidance; then, you'll get feedback from me based on what you report.  With different kinds of feedback available between sessions, you'll never lose momentum because we have ways to be in contact the entire time. No more waiting until your next session, floundering around, wondering if you're doing it right! You get feedback when and how you need it most. For quick help, I'll send an email or a short video response or demo; if you need more in-depth support, you can book additional laser coaching sessions any time you need to get you back on track or take your voice to the next level. 
Weekly Direct Voice Therapy Sessions
Whether you choose individual or group therapy, you'll attend consistent weekly 45 min sessions focused on direct therapy to maximize your results.  I ask everyone choosing to work with me to make a 3 month commitment, because I know from extensive experience that nobody makes the progress they really want in one session (even though we're all in a hurry, I hear you so hard.).
But hang tight. I also know you're wondering "what if I crush my goals before then? What if I have exams? What if... all the reasons?"  Well my friend, if you crush your goals early, we celebrate! And the cancellation policy still holds - as long as you give appropriate notice, you can change or cancel if you need to. I'll never make you keep or pay for sessions you don't need. But hear me out: if you want to go really deep, history has proven that this is the perfect amount of time to dig in to those really big goals you've been almost too scared to dream about.  So I'm not letting you off the hook easy. There's no halfway-deciding you want to make big, transformative change. So let's dive right in together and set you up for success!
In these sessions, you'll demonstrate and we'll discuss what you've been working on, I'll fine tune as needed, I'll teach you new skills, and we'll always check in on your progress towards your goals. It's a team effort, whether you choose individual or group therapy, and as your coach and guide, I give you every tool in the box to help you succeed.



Currently, I'm accepting new clients for online virtual therapy, otherwise known as telepractice. I use Zoom, a free-for-you-but-totally-awesome (and totally secure if you know how to set it up correctly) web-based program that we can use to do amazing work together from the comfort of, well, wherever you feel most comfortable!

Part of this decision to go all-virtual is guided by the College of Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists of Ontario's assertion that practice must continue to be done virtually whenever possible.  And we can, so I do everything I need to in order to keep you safe.  I've always had virtual clients on my roster; touring musicians, traveling executives, even folx on holidays need voice care while they are on the move. So I've had the systems in place for high quality virtual care for a while, so the transition to all-virtual didn't feel dramatic over here!

But honestly, a bigger part of the decision to go all virtual is that I think virtual voice work is amazing - and for the right candidate, virtual is even better than in person!!  

I get it. That sounds utterly preposterous.  And I'm willing to bet that if you're feeling like I am, you're stressed, overwhelmed, Zoomed out, and utterly OVER this pandemic, so you still have a ton of questions about how virtual could possibly be right for you.

Doing virtual sessions means two important things:

  1. We can always keep working together!  No matter where you are in the world, no matter how isolated you feel, whether there's a pandemic or there just isn't a voice therapist who really gets you in your geographic area, here's the thing: if you're feeling up for the work, and if you have a computer, a video camera, and a microphone (even just one that is built in), we can do amazing things together!
  2. Video voice training is AWESOME! There are so many benefits to video sessions! You can wear your pyjamas, there's no travel time, you don't have to pay for transit... but also, they're an amazing way to tap into self-directed learning, where you get to dive deep and figure out what's actually making the work WORK. You have to learn to listen to your body much more closely as I guide you through the same process, but without learning to rely on me to make the change happen for you.  I also get to see you in your natural environment, which can be hugely illuminating. Honestly, virtual work can be truly magical.

But I hear you. I really do.  I hear that voice that's still asking "is this too good to be true?"  So if you still have questions about how this could be the best thing you've ever done for yourself, you can always email me or fill out the contact form. I'd love to hear what I can do for you so you come out the other side of this isolating time absolutely shining.  When the world starts spinning again, you'll be on the absolute top of your game and ready to crush you've been dreaming of doing!

Oh, and full disclosure, I take all my own voice lessons virtually, and I LOVE IT!



Easy peasy.  The comprehensive one-hour assessment is $225 and it kicks everything off. It is where we create your plan together to get you to your goals. Then, no matter how you decide to get there, no matter what adventure you choose, no matter what your learning style, no matter what transformation you seek, working with me is only $190/week.  


I've made answers available to most of the common questions people have for me (insurance coverage, cancellation policy, referrals needed, etc) at

For more details about working together, I encourage you to download a copy of the Policies and Procedures at

And if you still have questions, don't hesitate to ask!


STEP 1: The Assessment

Every voice therapy service begins with a thorough 1-hour assessment which is $225, and includes:
  • a detailed understanding of your voice and your concern
  • a full history that looks at possible medical, social, environmental, physiological, emotional, and other contributing factors
  • a perceptual evaluation of your voice (what the sound of your voice reveals)
  • an assessment of your breathing and posture
  • for in-person sessions, a manual assessment of the muscles you use when you're speaking or singing; for virtual sessions, a guided body scan
  • detailed analysis of recordings of your voice
Together, after the initial assessment, we will discuss a plan to help you achieve your goals, and we'll work collaboratively to determine what therapy plan works best for you in terms of the options listed below. Please never let financial constraints prevent you from getting the therapy you need.  Your financial situation is an important factor in determining what options may best serve you, and will always be considered in our therapy planning discussion.
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STEP 2: The Goals

I'll help you formulate specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time-sensitive goals to get you the vocal transformation you're dreaming of.

We'll use these goals to map out our plan and keep you on track!

STEP 2: The Plan

Now that we've completed the assessment and we know what your voice goals are, it's time to decide how you want to achieve those goals!
Here's where you get to choose your own adventure!! There are 3 ways to work on your voice with Melanie:

INDIVIDUAL 1:1 Voice Work

$190/week recommended 12 week commitment

  • 45 min weekly one-to-one therapy sessions
  • home "play"
  • accountability tools
  • individualized feedback
  • eligible for insurance reimbursement 
MASTERCLASS  Group Voice Work
$190/week recommended 12 week commitment
  • 45 min weekly small group therapy sessions
  • home "play"
  • accountability tools
  • individualized feedback
  • eligible for insurance reimbursement
  • PLUS real-time motivation and support from like-minded peers working on similar goals   
Monthly commitment
  • 30 min live (& recorded) weekly video tutorials
  • home "play"
  • accountability tools
  • suggestions to help you personalize the exercises to your own goals
  • eligible for insurance reimbursement (ask for details)
  • content delivered on-demand - work at your own pace
  • opportunities to join masterclasses where you can synthesize what you're learning  
Any time you want to accelerate your progress (or need to troubleshoot), bonus laser coaching sessions can be booked in 15 min blocks at $60; any time you want to add one on, just let me know.  

* There are some voice concerns that really only need a couple of sessions to get you pointed in the right direction; if you're feeling like that's you, we can discuss whether this might work best for you and your goals.

How do I get started?

I appreciate that you are likely very eager to get working on your voice.  Everything starts with an assessment (unless you want to go straight DIY), which will help us determine together the best way to get you to your goals.

Go ahead; just click the "book an assessment" button below to get started!
Oh, and if you don't find a spot that works for you, please feel free to add yourself to the waitlist for whatever appointment time you like.  I try to fit people in to cancellation spots as quickly as I can, and you never have any obligation to take a cancellation spot if one comes available.  
And if you'd ever just prefer to speak to a human being, or have someone else help you book an appointment personally, I'm always happy to help.  Just let me know what time you'd prefer and I'll be happy to take care of booking your appointment personally.
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