COVID-19 Updates


Hello again! Can I interest you in yet another coronavirus-related update?!

No doubt you've been inundated with statements about how everyone you've ever given your email address to are managing in this state of global pandemic, and I apologize for adding one more to the pile.

First of all, I truly hope this finds you safe and healthy and hunkered down with people you still want to spend time with. My heart goes out to all of you who have been directly affected by COVID-19; so many of us have had significant plans canceled - performances, vacations, conferences, work, and are simultaneously managing school closures and grocery store shelves barren. We're working to adjust to a new world in which, at least for the short term, we've moved to an on-line format for the majority of our activities.

I wanted to share with you how I'm prioritizing your health and wellbeing - and to also offer what is hopefully a look on the bright side, too!

If you've ever found yourself saying "If only I had more time to spend really digging in to making my voice all it can be", well, there's no time like the present!

Back in March, I proactively moved all my appointments to video sessions to ensure we could continue to work together safely. Obviously, the goal was to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, and then later, it was to comply with regulatory requirements. But here's the amazing part: it turns out WAY more of you prefer video sessions to in-person!!! I've always had a handful of virtual clients; people who are touring out of province, or those who can't make it regularly to my clinic space, so this wasn't new to me... but this move to all-virtual therapy has reinforced what I've always known: virtual therapy is AWESOME! It's not just a fantastic way to save time by skipping the commute, but you won't believe the hidden benefits to video sessions you may not have even considered! To help you learn about how virtual voice therapy is as amazing, effective, easy, convenient, and safe as in-person sessions - if not more so - I've created a helpful document you can read here. It also includes important information on how to stay safe during these unprecedented times that I hope you'll find helpful.

In addition, you can also find information here about the host of online workshops, group therapy options, and custom courses I'll be offering in the weeks to come to help you with all your voice-related needs during this very isolating time. I want to make sure you have affordable options available if you're someone who needs to make the most of this time away from your craft, but are concerned about the financial impact. And don't forget - you can submit receipts for therapy sessions to your insurance for reimbursement, so if you are lucky enough to have supplemental insurance, working on your voice won't put additional strain on an already-stressful time!

But Melanie, when will you be available for in-person sessions again?!

I recognize there is a lot of conflicting information about who is allowed to offer in-person services at any given moment. The bottom line is that I will only be returning to in-person therapy when two things match up perfectly: when government and regulatory body directives say that it is safe to do so, and when I feel I can safely provide the high quality voice therapy you've come to expect from me - and that on top of those things, for some very specific reason, virtual would somehow not be as amazing an option. If we both need to be in full body hazmat suits behind plexiglass shields just to be in the same room together, wildly spraying disinfectant around like some kind of futuristic performance art, I assure you, virtual therapy will always be a far better option than that. So I promise you this: when we can safely meet in person again, I'll make that option available. Just don't be surprised if you love virtual therapy so much you find you forget to even ask!

May you be blessed with an abundance of rations, friends with toilet paper stores, and a long list of Netflix shows you've been dying to tuck into.

Warmly from a safe social distance,