Legally Blonde the Musical

I’m often asked “so, you’re a singer? Where are you singing?”

Well, here’s a snapshot!

I just wrapped a production of Legally Blonde with the loveliest cast; it was an absolute joy to get back to my own craft. And what a fun show!  Yes, it’s a little dated.  The references? A little “early 2000s”. But it’s a great romp, and a whole heap of fun for both the cast and the audience, and I’m so thrilled to have been a part of it.

Also, my sweet little two year old girl now says “oh my GOD mama, oh my GODDDD!” having been subjected to hours of me singing and dancing in preparation in our living room.  Nothing could be more joyful than my baby girl watching her mama get back to her own joy, and that makes me the best version of me, and the best version of mama I can be.


I’m going to try and share more about the voice work I’ve been up to lately with you as well, because I think a voice therapist who’s also a voice user is a pretty passionate combination, and I’m a pretty furiously passionate person about my craft.  About all of them.