Stop cobbling together tidbits
of voice information in soundbites.

Start developing
the confidence
and competence
you desire.

Become the
you can be.


Welcome to


I know the feeling.
You're SO ready to level up your skills as a voice professional, but you have no idea where to start.

You didn't get a voice CFY.

You're an SLP who feels like you were robbed of the chance to get mentorship in voice therapy because you didn't get one of a handful of voice-specialized CFY experiences, or your grad school voice course (and lack of voice placements) let you down big time. And now you feel like you're behind and you'll never catch up.

You feel like you could do this if only someone would let you in on HOW!

You don't know who to ask.

You have questions, but you don't know where to go to find trusted answers. You're tired of asking in supposedly-professional Facebook groups, only to have no more clarity than when you first asked. You wished you had a trusted group of colleagues you could discuss your challenging questions with, and get trusted answers.

You wish you had an expert mentor to talk to!

You want to learn HOW.

You've read it all. You've done book clubs and journal reading groups and you've taken workshops and continuing education. You've asked if you can shadow someone and they said no. You just want to see it in action. You just want the chance to demonstrate and get coaching on your skills in a safe, supportive environment.

You want a safe space to level up your skills!

You need an expert mentor,
a safe space with like-minded peers,
an opportunity to see it in action and try it yourself,
and the knowledge to help you tackle even 
the toughest vocal problems... with confidence.

Hi, I'm Melanie.


I'm a professional singer, a voice teacher, a Singing Voice Specialist, and a registered speech language pathologist who only does one thing: voice.  And across my 30+ year as a voice professional, I've still never found a tool or a training that provides a comprehensive approach to systematically figuring out what the heck is happening with that voice (including my own!) in a way that instills confidence and builds a voice pro up.

So I created MVP: MasterClass for Voice Professionals.

I created MVP to be the resource I needed as a voice professional at so many different points in my own career - as a singer with an ever-confounding voice problem, as a voice teacher training singers with Big Questions that I didn't have the answers for, and as an SLP who wanted more than anything to help BOTH those people but who never got one minute of experience, observation, or mentorship in voice ANYTHING going through my graduate program.

I totally hear you.
I'm totally here for you.

SLPs, I know the feeling. You see a voice client pop up on your caseload and you break into a cold sweat. Your brain flatlines. The only thing you can conjure up from grad school is yawn-sigh. You don’t even know if yawn-sigh is a thing anymore, but you know you can’t stop yawning now that you’ve started, and you also have no idea who to even ask.  You even took a workshop recently, but the client sitting in front of you has a totally different voice problem - so it feels utterly useless now! You don’t even know where to start and it feels totally overwhelming. You've read all the material you can find, but none of it showed you HOW to do therapy.

This isn’t what you thought being a voice SLP would look like at all!

Or maybe you’re a voice teacher with That Singer - you know the one.  I remember them clearly. The one with a little tiny crackle… that you’re sure technique will smooth it out. Or at least that’s how you were feeling last month, before you gave them all your amazing tried-and-true strategies and the crackle is still hanging around, only now they’re asking “but will I be perfect in time for That Big Audition My Entire Life Depends On?” Suddenly, in flies an equally tiny but unmistakable flicker of doubt. What if it’s not a technique thing? How would you even be able to confirm when there’s no decent ENT in the area? How do you even get them in to the laryngologist when you’ve heard there’s a bazillion-month waitlist if you’re not a celebrity? What if they do see an ENT and they get sent back to you with an unhelpful note saying there’s nothing wrong when you both know that it isn’t right? Who can you even ask for help?! Maybe you just feel alone in a silo and you're craving community and a safe space to ask questions, because that's surprisingly hard to come by.

This isn’t what you thought voice teaching would feel like either.

People keep asking me: can I shadow  you? I just want to see what you do, and how you do it. Can you mentor me? I just want someone to ask questions, and know that I'm getting good quality evidence-based current answers from someone who does the work and is still training as well. But I've learned from trying to do this one voice pro at a time that it doesn't serve you. Watching me work just winds up making the fellow voice pro feel like they'll never understand how to learn to do it themselves, and I never end up feeling like I get to share all the juiciest bits in a structured, organized way that you feel confident you can use yourself.

So I created the mentorship program that was missing...
until NOW.

MVP is a MasterClass for Voice Professionals - but it’s also so much more than that. It’s a mentorship. A community. A safe space. A central hub of knowledge and resources and tools and techniques and questions and answers and peers and honestly a lot of laughing and virtual high-fiving, too.
It’s modeling, coaching, observing, learning, unpacking, rethinking... It’s the home base you’ve been waiting for. It’s the course you wished you’d had in school. It’s the safe space you can ask the questions you wouldn’t dare anywhere else, but it’s also the place where everyone laughs at your #voicegeek jokes. It's where you can get up-to-date information from someone who shamelessly never stops learning or asking questions either.
It’s honestly about to become your new favourite place in the universe.

I created MVP for YOU.

The SLP who didn't get enough training, experience, observation, time, knowledge...
who doesn't know how to make up for lost time.

The voice teacher who has the skills and knowledge and experience and training and proof...
but can't seem to make in-roads with the rest of the team.

The voice enthusiast who knows there's more... so much more... and can't wait to dive in.

I created MVP for us.

 Does this sound familiar?

You know you have skills and knowledge...

but sometimes you can't figure out how to translate your knowledge into real vocal improvement...
and other days, you can't figure out what to do when your tried-and-true tools don't cut it.

What techniques do I use in this vocal situation?

You know the sound or the feeling just isn't right. You may even have a referral with a diagnosis. It's up to you to solve this vocal problem. But... how?

We'll cover all the most contemporary exercises, tools, and strategies to solve a wide range of vocal problems so you'll always have a toolbox full of techniques to try.

How do I know what technique to choose?

You can hear that something isn't working. You might even be able to label it. But how do you decide what approach to take to build a plan to solve the vocal problem efficiently?

You'll learn a systematic approach to figuring out how to choose the right tool for every vocal situation.

Why isn't this technique working?

You've done a heap of extra training, and you have a toolbox full of tools at your disposal. You even know what exercise to choose when. So... why isn't it working?

You'll learn how to troubleshoot when things aren't going as planned so you can confidently and deftly adapt in real time.

How do I explain what I'm doing and why?

You've got great intuition and excellent ears. You've got heaps of empathy and personal experience. But how do you translate that kind of knowledge so it leads to results?

You'll learn the science behind the what, the why, and the how of all the techniques we learn, so you'll always be able to explain!

Oh no... progress is stalling... Is it them?

You've been making good progress, and then suddenly... plateau. You know you've chosen the right tools, but the voice you're training just isn't progressing. What now?

You'll learn when to hold 'em, when to fold 'em - and you'll know exactly what to do when the voice user just isn't "getting it".

They just aren't getting it. Could it be ME?

No matter what you try, it just doesn't seem to be working. The voice just isn't responding. Everyone is frustrated, and your confidence is sinking fast. You're worried... "is it me?"

You'll build your confidence in the tools you choose and the knowledge you have, but also in when it's time to call for support!

How would it feel to have the knowledge, skills, tools, and strategies you need...

and finally feel like the confident voice professional you want to be?


MVP: MasterClass for Voice Professionals

A professional mentorship designed to take you through everything a voice professional needs - from assessment, to therapy and training, to carryover, consistency, and consolidating skills to help you become the confident, competent voice professional of your dreams.

Here's how YOU become a real-life voice pro MVP:


A private group of peers to continue the discussion and explore different perspectives between session

Support from your peers and your mentor, Melanie, as you grow and strengthen your voice pro skills

Interprofessional and collaborative practice opportunities with a circle of trusted colleagues




A weekly live Zoom class to introduce (and expand on!) all the foundations you need for a solid voice practice

Home programming to consolidate what you're learning in manageable bites you can do at your convenience

Resources for every part of your practice, and examples of what I use in my own very successful voice clinic



A weekly live masterclass with Melanie and your hand-selected MVP colleagues for discussion

Feedback on your skills to deepen your understanding as you practice what you're learning

Opportunities to take your skills to the next level at lightning speed with additional laser coaching



But wait... there's more!

In addition to the content, community, and coaching,
you'll also get these amazing transformations:

You'll get additional bonus live "office hours" where you get to ask me anything so you have more opportunities to consolidate your learning


I'll let you in to any other workshop I offer while you're in the mentorship - so you can continue to develop your knowledge AND see how I teach this content to clients and other voice pros!


I'll give you examples of the exact client resources I use with clients so you can hit the ground running without needing to spend your valuable time reinventing the wheel!


What will we cover?

Over 12 weeks, you'll map out a framework for your own voice practice (considering both in-person and virtual modalities) as we work our way through loads of content.

Every trimester, we'll cover Before, During, and After with the same breadth and depth, but each time you go through the content, you'll also find we spotlight different topics to give you a chance to go deeper every time!

Here's an example of what 12 weeks might look like:

Before (Assessment)
Week 1: what are voice disorders, case history
Week 2: perceptual voice evaluation, aerodynamics
Week 3: acoustic & instrumental evaluations, QOL 
Week 4: manual, postural evaluations, meta-therapy
During (Therapy, Teaching, Training)
Week 5: awareness, accountability, vocal pacing
Week 6: indirect therapy techniques
Week 7: direct therapy: resonant voice
Week 8: direct therapy: Vocal Function Exercises
Week 9: flow phonation, SOVTs, Conversation Training Therapy
Week 10: gender affirming voice, irritable larynx
Week 11: special pediatric considerations
After (Carryover, Consolidation, Contributing Factors)
Week 12: promoting carryover, troubleshooting

MVP gives you the support, the content, and the hands-on practice that will help
build your confidence.

You'll spend less time worrying about what technique to try and more time
enjoying the outcomes!

Here's everything that's included:

  • 24 seminar topics in weekly live lectures + handouts + on-demand review (value $2376)
  • 2 supplemental on-demand seminars on the basics of acoustic evaluation and report writing (value $198)
  • 12 AMA (ask me anything!) live masterclasses (value $2280)
  • supplemental research articles, tools, and resources to support your practice (value $360)
  • mentorship with coaching and feedback on your practice (value $1199)
  • made-for-you resources to use with your clients (value $198)


  • BONUS 1: discounts on tools of the trade and additional training (value $296)
  • BONUS 2: access to supplemental workshops on special topics (value $148)
  • BONUS 3: referral sources to help you secure voice clients (value $1200)
  • BONUS 4: guest lectures on special topics (value $1050)

Total Value: $9305 USD

The take-a-deep-breath-i-got-you safety net 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you're not totally in love with MVP and can't see it transforming your trajectory as a voice professional, you're covered by our no-questions-asked 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. It's literally that amazing.

What people are saying:

You guided me on this new and exciting path!

I just wanted to thank you
so very much for your help and for sharing the resources on
voice with me.

You really guided me on this new and exciting path. I really REALLY appreciate it!!!

Larisa, voice teacher

It's amazing how everyone is into it!

Melanie... you got everyone out of their shells and trusting each other. It's really amazing!

It's amazing how everyone is into it. Everyone is nervous but wants to try - it's the best way to get feedback!! We all love it and love learning from you!

Current MVP, registered SLP

I was soooo inspired!

After the AMAZING symposium I was soooo inspired I really wanted to sign up for your mentorship program - your symposium was honestly one of THE best learning experiences of my 30 year career!!!!

You are a force to be reckoned with!!! WOW!!!

Jill, registered SLP

Accessible, practical, and fun!

Melanie is one of those rare experts who combines deep clinical and technical knowledge with extensive real-world experience, which gives her credibility and perspective she generously shares. Melanie has many gifts, one of which is her ability to take complex information and make it accessible, practical and fun!

Alison Matthews - actor, voice artist, speech trainer

I can't say enough good things about it!

(It) was fantastic. I can't say enough good things about it. I loved your energy talking about voice. What I liked most was the fact that you made it realistic based on your experience working with voice clients. I loved that way you used nontechnical words as much as possible, and were really down-to-earth; it helps digest the info needed.

Marsha, registered SLP

I learned so much from you!

I learned so much from you and had such a good time too! You have such a wealth of information to share and do so in such an enjoyable manner. I enjoyed your humor and hearing your client experiences. I felt very comfortable asking you questions and also safe responding to your questions. Thank-you for all you do in helping us be better SLPs. 

Carol Ann, SLP

Your path to confidence starts at MVP!

  • 24 Classes

    each trimester, we'll have 24 twice-weekly classes where you'll get to ask all your voice-related questions and see it all in action!

  • 12 Themes

    12 topics that cover assessment, therapy & training, troubleshooting, and skill consolidation over 4 months to give you time to digest it all!

  • 12 Live AMAs

    weekly bonus live sessions where you can AMA: ask me anything! to consolidate what you're learning!

  • 10 Voice Professionals

    only 10 incredibly enthusiastic budding voice professionals will be chosen each term to build a community of like-minded peers for support!

  • 3 Pillars

    content, community, and coaching comes together to help you learn the content and put it into practice with support and feedback!

  • 3 Trimesters

    weekly classes and coaching sessions that take place over 4 months to allow you time to practice, ask questions, and digest it all!

  • 1 Year Mentorship

    if you're truly in it to become the voice professional of your dreams, you can choose a full year of coaching, community, and confidence building - but never fear, there's an "escape hatch" at the end of the first trimester if you get cold feet!

  • Unlimited Potential

    you'll build your confidence, clinic, and studio as you fill up your tool kit with strategies to solve whatever vocal problems come your way!

I am loving every single session of MVP!

I just wanted to tell you that
I am loving every single session of MVP so far!! It’s so awesome and leaves me wanting more

Please consider keeping this going. I would take it on the next round. All the same just more in depth!



Current MVP, registered SLP

You're oh so worth it!


Ready to watch your clinic and studio potential skyrocket?

Ready to become the glittering star you know you are?

Ready to invest in YOU?

Your investment is:

(flip me over!)

$925 USD / month

That's less than the cost of LSVT (1 month access) - which teaches you one technique for one client population!


$3500 USD / trimester and SAVE $200

Let's talk!

I want in!!

MVP is an incredibly rich, rewarding, and intimate experience.  
You'll be surrounded by people who are all in!
Ready to choose your own adventure? Find out if MVP is the right fit for you right now!

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