The Socially Distant New Grad

Tuesday June 30 @ 8pmEDT via Zoom - a date chosen by YOU!

Feeling isolated? Overwhelmed? Worried about how you're going to appear confident conducting therapy online in these uncertain and socially distant times? Nervous you don't have the skills that jobs will be seeking? Feeling like this isn't what you signed up for?

Help is here!

If you're a new grad or a soon-to-be-grad, I'll bet you have some of the same questions I keep hearing: How do I even find a job I feel qualified for when everyone's had to move their entire practice online?  Where do I even begin?   Good news - you're not alone!  Many clinicians are reporting that they are struggling to understand how to meet PHIPA guidelines, feeling technologically impaired, and worrying that online therapy is too impersonal, ineffective, and overwhelming.

The original version of this workshop, The Socially Distant Clinician, was created to help my fellow clinicians find a way to keep their practices alive through COVID-19-related closures and cancellations.  This edition is just for you - the new grad, and focuses specifically on the things you need to know as you enter the workforce in These Unprecedented Times (the buzzphraze of 2020, #amiright?). 

In this workshop, you'll better understand challenging-to-navigate but critical-to-know information around safety, privacy, and compliance, and it'll be made easy using Zoom as an example platform.  I'll show you how to orient your patient or client confidently to make the most of your session together, and we'll talk about confidentiality, consent, scope of practice, and how to keep yourself protected in this brave new world.  I'll even tell you your secret to success - here's a hint: you're actually better off than experienced clinicians in this one area!  And I'll stay on after the one-hour webinar for an additional 30 (or more!) minutes to take all your questions in a Q&A designed to help you feel more confident, calm, and collected as you take the next steps to future-proof your career.  You'll find a full outline below to help you see how this webinar is going to make you feel more confident right now!

I know you're standing at the foot of a mountain of challenges.  Being a new grad is challenging at the best of times; but this year is unlike any other.  I remember how nerve-wracking those early days were, and how utterly tapped out I felt.  That's why I want to keep this ridiculously affordable; if you attended the Theory to Therapy conference, registration is only $20.  For all other students or new grads, it's still only $25! Like, COME ON.  I bet Starbucks has a drink that costs more than that.

Feeling like it's nothing but doors closed?  Why not open a new window!  Let's Zoom on through together! 

Spaces are limited - so request your spot now!

How To Book Your Spot

Click the button below to book a space in the webinar!  Once you book your space, you'll get an email titled "Thanks for booking!"  Make sure you scroll down, because it'll have all the info you need to register in order to get access to the Zoom link you'll need to attend live.  And never fear - I have a super reasonable cancellation policy (below) because I know these days everything is changing faster than we could have ever thought possible!

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Cancellation:  I know we're all under a heap of pressure, so if you register and then find you need to cancel, there's no charge if you give me >24 hours before the webinar begins.  If you have to cancel within 24 hours, the charge is just 50%.  The day of the webinar is a gong show of child-wrangling and teletherapy for this one-person operation, so the goal is to encourage you to give me enough time so I can manage letting others waiting into the session!  Thanks so much for understanding.  

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Here's what we're covering in this webinar:

  1. What Are We Supposed To Do?!
    • healthcare requirements including around telepractice
  2. Get Zooming!
    • helping you make the most of this webinar
    • showing off the bells and whistles (as one example)
    • learning how to help your patients feel calm and in control
    • finding the fun with participation
  1. Keeping It Confidential
    • the user's manual - how to protect patient information inside your platform
    • using your clinical judgement
  2. So Many Platforms!
  3. The Big Bad Audit
    • how to feel confident answering the tough questions
  4. All The Acronyms:
    • PHIPA/PIPEDA vs HIPAA compliance
    • the "conduit exception" and what the heck you need to know
    • when end-to-end encryption isn't exactly the-end-to-the-end
  5. Scope of Practice
    • building your competence and confidence
    • assessing and mitigating risk
  6. How Do We Choose What To Charge?
  7. Where Do I Start, And Then Where Do I Go?
  8. But Seriously... How Do I Secure My Platform?!
    • going "under the hood" to tighten up security and make the most of your choice
  9. Protect Yourself
    • considering consent
    • checking your insurance
  10. When Virtual Upstages IRL
    • Making the most of your session
    • Mindset matters
    • "Selling" telepractice to clients
    • Building client confidence
    • Building clinician confidence
  11. The New Grad Advantage
    • Why you're surprisingly better off than experienced clinicians
    • The secret to your success
  12. Q & A that include all the greatest hits.. such as:
    • But I thought I could store my data outside Canada?!
    • HIPAA compliant platforms - are they good enough for us?
    • But seriously, why not Skype? That's what my patient is requesting!
    • What PHI is shared when we're doing virtual therapy - even when we secure the fort?
    • How do I sound like I know what I'm doing in a job interview when I've hardly had any experience doing virtual therapy?
    • What skills do I have that are translatable in a job application?

Watch for tons of other helpful (let's be honest, mostly voice-related) continuing ed here!