How To Make Voice Recordings

You're probably wondering why I want you to send me recordings of your voice.

Good question!

If we're doing video therapy sessions together, it can be helpful for me to hear your voice as clearly as possible to make sure I'm not missing anything. Even with excellent tech setup, we want to make sure we're hearing the same things! These recordings also allow me to hear your voice the way it is at home in your real life, and they help me have as much data as possible to consider when planning how to get you to your goals.

Even if we're working together in person, it can be helpful to hear a recording of your voice at the beginning and the end of a long day, just before a show, or when the problem persists.  If you've ever taken a car to the mechanic only to have it behave while you're trying to show off the problem, you'll know why I love hearing these recordings!

Here's everything you need to know:

  1. click on the image below that best represents your needs to download an infographic that explains both HOW to set yourself up for success and WHAT tasks you'll record

  2. send me your recordings either via email to, via a Google Drive link, or via, a free service to share large files

And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Creating Voice Recordings infographicCreating Voice Recordings infographic