The Socially Distant Clinician in Durham

Isolated? Overwhelmed? Worried about how you're going to take your practice online in these uncertain and socially distant times?

I can help!

I've seen a lot of the same questions coming up over and over again, all asking the same thing: How do you take an in-person practice online, overnight?  Where do you even begin?  Many clinicians are reporting that they are struggling to understand how to meet PHIPA guidelines, feeling technologically impaired, and worrying that online therapy is too impersonal, ineffective, and overwhelming.

This workshop was created to help my fellow clinicians find a way to keep their practices alive through COVID-19-related closures and cancellations.  Therefore, I wanted to keep it as affordable as possible.  As a result, I've made the ticket price only $25.  You'll learn how to decide what platform is right for you, I'll orient you to Zoom as an example, I'll show you how to orient your patient or client confidently to make the most of features available, and we'll talk about compliance and confidentiality, scope of practice, and how to keep yourself protected. I'll take all your questions in a Q&A designed to help you feel more confident, calm, and collected as you take the next steps to future-proof your practice.  You'll find a full outline below to help you compare this webinar to other offerings to help you decide if this is what you need right now to get you started tonight!

Doors closed? Open a new window!  Let's Zoom on through together! 

Spaces are limited, so secure your spot asap!


The Outline

Here's what we're covering in this webinar:

  1. What Are Clinicians Supposed To Do?!
    • healthcare requirements including around telepractice
  2. Get Zooming!
    • helping you make the most of this webinar
    • showing off the bells and whistles (as one example)
    • learning how to help your patients feel calm and in control
    • finding the fun with participation
  1. Keeping It Confidential
    • but seriously, which platform do I use?!
    • the user's manual
    • using your clinical judgement
  2. So Many Platforms!
  3. The Big Bad Audit
    • how to feel confident answering the tough questions
  4. All The Acronyms:
    • PHIPA/PIPEDA vs HIPAA compliance
    • the "conduit exception" and what the heck you need to know
  5. Scope of Practice
    • building your competence and confidence
    • assessing and mitigating risk
  6. But How Much Do I Charge?
  7. Where Do I Start, And Then Where Do I Go?
  8. But Seriously... How Do I Choose A Platform?!
    • going "under the hood" to tighten up security and make the most of your choice
  9. Protect Yourself
    • considering consent
    • checking your insurance
  10. Introduction to The Socially Distant Clinician Goes To Work (Part 2, coming soon)
    • Making the most of your session
    • Mindset matters
    • "Selling" telepractice to clients
    • Building client confidence
    • Building clinician confidence
  11. Q & A that include all the greatest hits.. such as:
    • But I thought I could store my data outside Canada?!
    • HIPAA compliant platforms - are they good enough for us?
    • Why not Skype?
    • What PHI is shared?

Watch for Part 2: The Socially Distant Clinician Goes To Work coming to a Zoom room near you!