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Straws Will Save Your Voice!

Do you believe in magic? It doesn’t matter! Because straws are all science! Although admittedly, it feels a little like magic when your voice snaps back from fatigue this quickly after a long rehearsal or a day of non-stop talking. Much has been made ado lately about the magic and science of straw phonation, and while I could tell you all kinds of things about how great they are and why, I’m going to let the master do it instead.  So check out this video offering from my friend and colleague, Chris Johnson, a super hot voice teacher in the UK who creates this fabulous podcast called the Naked Vocalist.   He has a couple of smashing videos on the subject; I think you should totally check them out to see what all the buzz is about!

From The Naked Vocalist:

Thanks to Dr. Ingo Titze for his recent research to back up the brilliance of straw phonation. He’s the best. Along with lots of other contributors, he has opened up the wide scale use of this technique, and now it really is a singers essential.