The Starving Artist Vocal Workshop with Ryan Luchuck

I love working with Ryan Luchuck.  I love working with anyone whose #voicegeek comes out as much as his does when we get together.  I also love how much he wants to share his passion for voice with everyone.  So the two of us cooked up a workshop for artists who are dying to tap into resources to take their voices to the next level, but might not be able to afford the conventional pathways to professional support and development.

The beauty of this workshop, beyond the joy in being able to share what we love with fellow artists who wouldn’t otherwise be able to join us, was that we were also able to help out our friends at Regent Park School of Music.  This is a phenomenal resource for kids in Toronto who wouldn’t otherwise get to experience the life-changing joy that is the privilege of being able to grow as a musician with a teacher who inspires.  We donated 100% of the proceeds from this workshop to our friends at Regent Park so they can continue to offer high quality musical instruction to kids in need, and we’re so proud to be able to give back to our community in this way.


If you missed this awesome workshop, you have three options: 1) Go take lessons with Ryan.  You’ll be blown away at what your voice can really do.  2) Check your insurance plan and find out how much coverage you have for speech therapy and come see me; I’ll tell you everything I can for the insurance dollars you have to use.  3) Keep your ear to the ground; Ryan and I do workshops from time to time, and if we get enough requests, we just might be able to do a reprise of some kind.