How does a person know they could use a voice therapist?

Take the quiz!

You don’t have to wait until things are catastrophically wrong to come in for a tune-up (although I’ll absolutely jump to your rescue if this is your situation!). Everyone can benefit from a little bit of tweaking to help make using their voice feel a lot more efficient, easy, and effortless.

The following questions may help you decide if voice therapy is right for you:

  1. Does your voice become weak, tired, or hoarse by the end of the day?
  2. Does your voice “break”, is it harsh or gravelly-sounding, or is your pitch uncomfortably high or low?
  3. Have you lost your voice recently, either partially or completely?
  4. Do you often find you have a hard time getting enough air in, or do you feel like you are always holding your breath?
  5. Do you frequently experience indigestion or heartburn along with a voice concern?
  6. Do you cough or clear your throat a lot, or wake up with a terrible voice more days than not?
  7. Do you have heavy voice demands, either professionally or socially?
  8. Do you find speaking in background noise difficult, or do people have a hard time hearing you?
  9. Do you experience pain, tension, or tenderness in the neck or throat, or have difficulty swallowing?
  10. Do you sing, act, or speak professionally, or wish to improve your power, stamina, or range?
  11. Is your voice essential to your work, your social life, or your identity?
  12. Would you like to optimize your voice?

If you have answered “Yes” to even one question above, contact me for an appointment – I can help you find your best voice!

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